The Races

Grand National SteeplechaseThe Grand National Steeplechase is run for the Grand National Challenge Cup, sponsored by The Hubble Bisbee Real Estate Group. The Challenge Cup will be held by the owner of the winning horse each year and will become the permanent possession of the owner winning the Grand National three times, not necessarily with the same horse nor by successive wins. Weight: 165 lbs.; five-year-olds allowed 5 lbs.; no other allowances. Riders, owners and horses acceptable to the Committee. Entrance fee, $450. About 3¼ miles over timber. Purse $30,000.

The Benjamin H. Murray Memorial Steeplechase is for five-year-olds and upwards which have not won two races over timber at a recognized meeting. Five-year-olds, 165 lbs.; older, 170 lbs. Non-winners over timber at a recognized meeting allowed 8 lbs. Riders, owners and horses acceptable to the Committee. Winning owner and rider to receive trophy. Entrance fee, $225. About 3¼ miles over timber. Purse $15,000.

The Western Run Plate II is sponsored by JC Porter Construction. The perpetual plate is given in memory of Redmond C. Stewart by members of the Stewart family, to be held for one year by the winning owner. For five-year-olds and upward. To be ridden by amateur owner/riders. 180 lbs. Entrance fee $35. About 3 miles over timber. Purse $10,000. ($5,000 of this purse, and an engraved silver goblet to the rider, has been donated by the Temple Gwathmey Steeplechase Foundation for the promotion of amateur racing.)

The Thomas L. Macfarlane Memorial Field Master’s Chase is sponsored by The Valleys Planning Council. Riders not to have reached their sixteenth birthday as of January 1st. Mounts to be a minimum of five years old. Catch weights. Riders are to follow the Field Master over a flagged course. After the last fence, the Field Master will release the field to race for the finish line. Entries may be asked to queue or circle before being released. Proper hunting or racing attire accepted. Use of whips is strictly prohibited. Prizes will be given to the overall finishers plus first small, medium and large pony, and first non-thoroughbred. Paddock Prize for best turned out pony and best turned-out horse sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred.