Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When? The race is always held on the second to last Saturday in April

What type of parking passes are available for purchase and what is the cost?
Railside – $600
Paddock – $275
Subscriber – $200
General Parking – $40

When can I purchase tickets?
Tickets may be purchased by mail and online beginning March 1.
Tickets may be purchased at retail locations beginning April 1.

When are tickets mailed out?
Tickets are mailed on April 1st.

Can I be placed on the mailing list?
Your name will automatically be placed on the mailing list after your first purchase. If you would like to be added to the mailing list in advance of first purchase, please email your request to:

Can I purchase tickets the day of the race?
You may purchase General Parking passes on the day of the race based upon remaining availability.

What forms of payment are acceptable?
We accept checks and cash at retail locations. Credit cards are accepted for online purchases.

Where can I purchase a parking pass?
Ticket sales locations are listed here.

How do I get to the race?
See link for directions. Direction to specific parking will be given as you near the event.

When do the gates open?

Are food and drinks available for sale?
No, there are no concessions. We encourage picnicking.

Can I bring a tent and grill?
Small (10×10) pop up tents without sidewalls are allowed and must be located directly behind the vehicle. Please be courteous to others and keep your picnic and accoutrements within this area. No grills or open flames allowed for safety reasons.

Can I park overnight?
No. Property owners require parking area to be clear by 6PM.